Caos Console is a litle Windows Tool for “Creatures 3” and “Docking Station” which can be used to inject CAOS Comands into the Game.


  1. Start your Game. (“Docking Station” or “Creatures 3”)
  2. Start the Caos Console
  3. If No Error occures, Enter some CAOS Commands to see if it works… (i.e.

Advanced Usage

If you Plan to run “Creatures 3” and “Docking Station” at the same Time, the Console will atache to the “Docking Station” Game. To prevent it from doing so, you can provide it the “Game Name” within the first comandline Parameter like this:

"CAOS Console.exe" "Creatures 3"


[wpdm_file id=2]


CAOS Console Source on BitBucket

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