In my free Time I work on a Reimplementation of the original DS Multiplayer Features sadly my free Time is very limited so that i make very slow progress, this is the Reason why i would like to make this Project an “Community Project” where everyone that is interested  can help to improve it.

Due to the Fact that i could not reverseengineer the original Multiplayer-Servers Protocol, i had to come up with an alternative Way to make Multiplayer happen again, for this purpose i decided to create an .Net based CAOS Injection Class, on the Client side, that will alter the ingame Experience to “simulate” the original Multiplayer Features while it is connected to my Version of an Multiplayer Server.

To achieve an relatively seamless integration of the Client Software into the Game experience i want to alter the Game CAOS code (Bootstrap) in a way, that replaces all “net:” commands with simple Equivalents that stores the Information that needs to be processed in Game variables and or simple Objects.

These Objects will then be parsed by the Client Software.

i.e. If you want to Login/Register your World the Username and the Password will be stored in Game Variables, where they can be accessed by the client Software, which then will verify the Login Credentials against the Multiplayer Server, and set the Status to “online”.

This is where I Probably need the most help because my CAOS Skills are limited, and i would like to focus on the Client and Server Software.

I will host the Projects SourceCode on BitBucket.

But more News on that Topic, as well as Issue Tracking and a Roadmap. will come soon.
Right now there is a Thread about the Project on the Creatures Caves Board, for more Informatioen klick here: LINK



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