As a CAOS Coder that also likes C# (.net) i needed an easy way to combine those two Worlds, so i made a little “.net 4” C# based Component that allows easy Communication with the Game-Engine to injects Scripts and CAOS.
(The Component is another Project which i will release in another Post)

Based upon this Component i created a CAOS Console Commandline Tool which basically can do the same as the in game CAOS Console (which you can open by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C) but has a few Advantages like a Command History which you can scroll back and forth, by pressing the up and down Arrow Keys or the ability to Copy and Paste much easier into the CAOS Console.

Hello World !!!
Easy example of what you can do with the CAOS Console

How to use the Console:

  1. Start your Game. (if you want to use it with Docking Station just start it, Otherwise provide it the Game name within the first Commandline-Parameter)
  2. Start the Caos Console
  3. enter some easy CAOS Commands to see if it works… (e.g. Creatures Wiki | C3/DS CAOS Codes)

Mainly i created this as an Debugging Tool for another Project i am working on, but i will expand the “CAOS Console” from Time to Time, so if you want a Feature in the next release or found a Bug, please tell me in the Comments.

EDIT: Download Link to the most Recent Version will always be available here: Caos Console for C3/DS



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