… to my little Creatures game series related Blog.

As you may have guessed the main Focus of this blog will lay upon the Creatures Game series, or at least on Creatures related Stuff.
Also this is my first try on blogging and publishing in English since my native Language is German.

A little word about me…

My name is Christian (Ham5ter) and i live and work in Germany.
I am an IT System-administrator with the current main Focus on developing Linux/Unix based Solutions for wide a range of Problems. Beside my calling on administrative Tasks i love to code.

This is also the main Reason why i like the Creatures game series so much, beside its very fascinating simulation of Lifeforms (Norns, Grendels & Ettins), it is greatly expandable and modification friendly.
I tend to Modify the Game and develop new Stuff for it more then i actual play it. 🙂

Currently there is not much to be seen here, but more will come soon, as i develop a little Project right now that will need a Web presence.